As part of the conceptual and transversal work, Skin-to-Skin, text / visual dyad, presented by Pierre JALBY and Anil-Frank DESAI, ART TRAFFIK invites you to discover the text BELIEVING, face to face with the new corresponding handwritten artwork no. 20 10 09 0051.

A new invitation to appreciate, once again, the magic and the dimension of the dialogue between text and visual.


I know only too well the endless story of the villainous king, his dwarf people, and his whores court, who covet the throne and the crown, like the vulture stalks its prey.

I don't believe in abjection, in the man of nothing and his female pendant.

I don't believe in the petty man who walks in front of me, turns his back on me, and shies away from my gaze.

I don't believe in the gravedigger man who claims to lead consciousnesses and applies for the destiny of the world.

How to believe in the ignorant man who knows all that is not, who listens to himself talking in front of the stained mirror, and looks at his feet as the end of the road.

I laugh at the arrogance of the one who hunts for power, jumps on to the stage, harangues the crowd, speaks loudly of a truth he ignores as much as it terrifies him.

I do laugh at the insignificance of one who crawls headdown, on marked roads, always in the wind direction, for fear of stumbling when he is already so low.

How to believe in this leaf in the wind, heavy as an anvil, that blocks my road to show me the way.

I can't believe in the one who takes my appearance and who I have to crush, for fear of looking like him, the day I have to wake up, to exist.

I believe in the vibrations of the world, in the waves of the earth, in the songs of the oceans.

I believe in the tree of life who crosses the centuries and preserves the memory of time, in the stone emerging from the furnaces of the earth, in alchemy and motion.

I believe in the wind who rocks the forest, in the river digging its bed of eternity, in the wild river, in the rain and the torrent.

I believe in eternal snows, in the twirling reds, in the flower that awakens in spring, in the apotheosis of gold and silver.

I believe in the untameable animals who roam the land and the seasons, in the mountains who meet on the shores of the sea.

I believe in fairies, tales and legends, in the magical creatures who cross my nights, in the dead who accompany my life, in the spirits of the earth, of the air, of the water and  fire.

I believe in the universe, in Neverland, in stars who are to be born and die, in the dark matter, in the  invisible energy, in infinity, beyond the form, beyond space and time, beyond any limit.

I believe in all beauty, in all transcendence, in all that exceeds me, in surpassing oneself and in all that awakens in the world to live, love, dream and protect.

I believe in you


CF 20 10 09_0051

200 cm x 150 cm 






Article published by LJ Art Traffik