POLITICCHIO , or when Art takes the floor and fights for a cause




Guillaume Collet, artist in the Art Traffik selection, an artwork for a promise for change : co-sign his open letter 

Politicchio is a unique and singular artwork within the « Masks » series. It was created with the same creative and artistic process, and with the same commitment, but with a precise and particular intention:  


This artwork is in fact intended as a gift, to be officially given to French President, Mr Emmanuel Macron, accompanied by a letter, whose full text can be found below.


At first, this letter will be made available to the public, to all those who identify with it, who share its mindset and ambition, and to let them sign it by contributing one symbolic euro. To this end, a “common pot" will be created to receive donations and names of the co-signers 



Upon closing the « pot » in September 2020 :


- The artwork and letter, signed by the artist and all the co-signers, will be given to the French President. 


- All proceeds from the common pot will be given to various associations, as follows : 

  • 70% of proceeds : associations for the protection of the environment, in support of their missions and efforts in dealing with the ecological crisis which stems from this sanitary crisis, whose first effects are already visible on our beaches and streets…
  • 30% of proceeds : to the Taylor Foundation, in support of artists and all artistic creation 



The message ? The intention ?   


To begin with, if this artwork and letter are destined to be given to Mr Macron, their message is addressed to all Presidents and governments around the world.  


Politicchio is an artwork that bears two symbols : 


  • Falsehood : identified, by the people, as an undeniable trait in the world of politics, recently highlighted by the shortage of masks during the coronavirus crisis, which Politicchio denounces with the same symbol as the universal childhood icon, Pinocchio.


  • Forgiveness : that carries the hope and the will of the people to witness a change. Because, it’s never too late to learn from one’s mistakes and to « grow » as a whole. Which is why the artist leaves us the possibility, someday perhaps, of cutting off that long nose. 


If the artwork points fingers, it also affirms its desire to forgive, and only then will political untruthfulness make room for transparency. This artwork carries the contemporary message of today’s anger, but, also, the joyful perspective of a different tomorrow. A gateway to forgiveness, for we couldn’t live eternally with such anger, anger that even a mask cannot hide, the same way it lacks the capacity of masking lies. This is a twofold gift for the President, in the hopes of a better future promised by the very same President. The gift of an artwork and the gift of the people’s promise to forgive. Gift we hope will be accepted by the President as an engagement to uphold his promise, like the artist promises to uphold his : to symbolize forgiveness by the resection of that ghastly nose. 



Letter to the President :

Mr President, 

Why not consider facing the reality surrounding the masks.


A sure indicative of the people’s misunderstanding in regards to the speeches and actions made by our country’s representatives.


Politicchio is a contemporary artwork that reflects an undeniable societal phenomenon.


It does not point fingers, it is an artistic representation. A childhood reference that displays the people’s point of view…


We will not continue to grow surrounded by lies. We shall not forget.


But, just as a child, we are willing to forgive.


Equally so, this artwork is not frozen in time.


When trust will be restored, or simply when trust will be present…


We will symbolically cut off this ghastly nose which has become disproportionately big in our society, overshadowing all good actions conducted in parallel.


This artwork is a fleeting message reflecting our anger, but with pleasant perspectives; a gateway to forgiveness, for we couldn’t live eternally with such anger.

 We shall not forget.

This is our gift. An expectation  not yet accomplis




Article published by LJ Art Traffik