ROD - his serial " Super Heroes" - Be careful : explosion !





ROD breaks out of the conventions of Comics only to better use their power. The combination of powerful graphic design and simple techniques offer a striking interpretation of the range of emotions (anger, sadness, loneliness, hope…), of which Super-Heroes very early appeared to him as the perfect mirror image; witness of the fears and ambitions of an American society that crystallizes the irony of a fierce humanity, whose faults are an endless source of inspiration for the artist.  

No way for ROD to hold something back. Enriched by his experience as a decorator for the cinema (Immortal, Jason Bourne…), he expresses himself perfectly within magnitude. He literally takes over the space, which holds a major role in his pieces. Whereas the scene is always centered, the image is projected without limit to reach the spectator. There is nothing free in this approach, ROD magnifies the formats for a greater impact. 



Thus, in his Collection Super-Héros, the vignette becomes prominent, the speech bubble resounds out of the frame, the character materializes and becomes even more human thanks to the volume. ROD does not create, he composes. He chooses carefully every materiel and accessory that will echo his message. First the illustration, which he draws from Comics and holds for its raw strength. Then he presses the image before sculpting it to glorify its intensity with a clever play of material and volumes. He favors acrylic and gloss for their density and brightness.

His colors are pure and bright. He often inserts touches of sequin, fabric, symbols that are signs of his own sensitivity (flowers, skulls, butterflies, crow…) and whose combination qualifies an essentially Manichaean imagery. So many elements that are meticulously put together and projected to reach the spectator and feast his eyes with the intense meaning that ROD is attached to convey…


Article published by LJ Art Traffik