The Concept


ART TRAFFIK from A to K – The concept

The uninhibited purchase of art and the very first community platform dedicated to the DISCOVERY, SALE AND RESALE of artworks, both physically and online.



What is Art Traffik ? What does becoming an Art Traffiker mean ? Let me explain to you what’s hidden behind such a deliberately provocative name…


Art Traffik is the result of hearing all too often certain phrases spoken by friends and family, which I continue to hear, still:

" To buy an artwork one must be a connoisseur” or “I don’t understand the pricing of artworks, it’s nonsense ”

" Buying an artwork is an investment for which there are risks. Is the artist listed on the market ? "

" I love art ; I’d love to purchase an artwork, but I don’t dare "

" You can’t’ find anything for less than 100,000 euros » or « If it isn’t worth at least 100,000 euros, it isn’t art "

" It’s complicated and costly to try to resell an artwork, unless you’re selling a Picasso or if you’re a reputable art collector "


Art Traffik was thus born from the will to un-inhibit the purchase of art for everyone, and prove that we can shift the paradigm in buying art…or simply be nurtured by it, simply for the fun of it. This is why we are much more than just an artwork retail website…


Art Traffik hence allows art lovers, occasional buyers or well-informed collectors to discover new artists, to purchase their artworks, and also to resell artworks in their possession, without commission.


Our catalog ?

-       Paintings, photographies, sculptures, digital art…

-       Artists exhibiting for the first time and also internationally-renowned artists

-       A wide range of art styles, having one common denominator : Talent, that “added soul”

-       Art Traffik is committed to its selection and puts its name to its quality and potential : the first 5 year buy-back guarantee, at the purchase price 


-       Several categories of artists to help guide you : certified Art Traffik, Certified MASTER Art Traffik, Best Artworks… 


To this end :


  • A space devoted to discovering : our precious finds, exhibitions, market news, good practices, everything needed to be nurtured by art and learn



  •     ART TRAFFIK Catalog originating from a high-level selection of artists, unearthing and accompanying upcoming talents => we select…you just need to find your crush



  • A resale service between individuals, by means of small ads, dedicated to and designed for art, without commission



  •      A community approach : rate the artworks, share, comment, share your ideas and the exhibits you have seen…



And because our selection has proven its worth, demonstrating that our catalog is composed entirely of uprising talents, we are ready to commit and guarantee that we will buy back your artwork within 5 years, at its purchase price !!! Discover our 5 year buy-back guarantee, at the purchase price



What does being an Art Traffiker mean?


First of all, it means loving Art…to appreciate it, without necessarily being an “expert”.


Secondly, it means sharing the same vision as Art Traffik by taking part in it, by being active:

-       Assessing, first and foremost, your emotions when staring at an artwork, way before calculating its “worth”

-       Having the will to defend, promote and encourage artists

-       Sharing the artists you love and your precious findings to the widest audience possible


To love the creations of an artist, to want to help and encourage that artist, you must first participate in gaining him/her recognition which will in turn boost the sales of his/her artworks.


Art Traffik wants to un-inhibit the purchase of art, in every sense of the word : by simplifying, promoting and demystifying it.


Services by Art Traffik

Art as a gift / The boxed set
Offer beauty, give the gift of art! A simple purchase, or a group gift, offer the Art Traffik gift box. A gift certificate or a particular artwork, discover our gift ideas.
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Advice on buying art
To find out more about an artwork, an artist, benefit from our expertise or “take a tour”, do not hesitate, it would be our pleasure!
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Exclusive for companies &liberal professionals
Philanthropy law or better yet, art leasing, we will explain all the possible advantages of purchasing art.
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