Guide to our artist selection

Our selection : Art Traffik’s cornerstone

Art Traffik is constantly looking out for new artists that fit the high standards it sets, for you to discover in our catalog. The catalog offers 100% up and rising artists with their fairly priced, accessible artworks, alongside established, world renowned artists, thus more expensive.


Our selection is an engagement between us and our visitors and buyers, but also between us and our artists. Artists who enter our selection are artists with whom we work closely with; by regularly communicating with them, to discuss their artistic evolution and bring to mind our goal to have them be known and acknowledged. Our goal is to promote them and have them enter the finest private collections and the best galleries which will help increase their demand on the market, improve their “rating”…


It is in that respect that we « certify » them, because we are as committed to you as we are to the artists, offering you a variety of artistic styles !


Et c’est en cela que nous les « certifions » car nous nous engageons auprès de vous comme d’eux tout en vous offrant un choix large de styles !


Three common denominators among all our artists :

  • their Talent
  • their perpetual self-questioning and quest for « improvement »
  • their potential
  • that « extra touch of soul » that they inject into their artworks and have us feel ; their relentless determination to “progress”, sublimating their artwork which display more power and intensity…


To guide you, follow the decals next to the artworks and the artists :


Artists « certified Art Traffik » and artists « Certified MASTER Art Traffik » :


# CERTIFIED ART TRAFFIK : up and rising, talented, with great potential, to be followed closely !

They are artists who already have a certain artistic maturity, distinguishing them from the others, yet who have a feeble maturity on the art market. Some exhibit for the first time in a gallery. Others are already present on a national scale, but aren’t quite professional in their artistic domain, and don’t yet have an international dimension. The talent is there though, and these artists work hard, endlessly, at evolving and improving; definitely artists to follow closely, which Art Traffik is proud to have revealed !


# CERTIFIED MASTER ART TRAFFIK : established, acknowledged, climbing up the career ladder, therefore, “a sure thing”!

They are professionals of their craft, in the sense that they live off of their art and were able to cross boundaries by exhibiting in prestigious galleries around the world. Some join the private collections of experienced collectors who endorse them, while others are in museums. Moreover, they continue to improve, and they work tirelessly at doing so. Most of them have an « official » rating on the art market, after having been auctioned off. They are the sure values Art Traffik is proud to support, for some, since their debut.


BEST ARTWORKS : artworks that stand out from the rest!

Among the artworks created by an artist, there are those that set themselves apart. Because they are the first of a series, or the last. Because they were rewarded (photography) or widely acclaimed by the public. Or because they marked a turning point in their style, an evolution, a progression indicating that the artist reached an important milestone. Or, finally, just because Art Traffik adores them, and so do the Art Traffikers who substantially put them in their virtual collections…At any rate, we showcase them because they deserve to be; for that “extra” something they have, distinct from the other artworks.


NEW : the catalog’s new listings

Artworks tagged as « new » have been in the catalog for less than 3 weeks and enable you to identify them during your visit.

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