Guillaume Collet
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39 y.o.
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Guillaume Collet
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3 150 € to 5 400 €
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Light sublimates matter and reveals the unconscious, the soul and all their complexities. From the brut appearance of matter, and through its exploration by light, arises an endless voyage towards a dimension whose doors are opened by my artworks.

Guillaume Collet

Introducing Guillaume Collet

Guillaume Collet originates from the world of photography, his first trade as photojournalist. Dealing with current events, through images…field in which the framing, the right instant, the lighting and contrast, and the view angle will make a picture be THE picture, that captures the moment of the subject at hand and the story it tells, for the sake of truth, the only truth. But that truth is just as transient as the click of the shutter that allows light to penetrate the lens. Not to mention that the angle and framing alone can distort the truth.


As with Art and Beauty, written with a capital letter by way of their universality, isn’t Truth also entitled to a capital letter by way of its timelessness and perception that goes beyond deceptive appearances ? Here lies Guillaume Collet’s questioning, for which the key is…light. Because it enlightens us in every sense. An intimate reflection accompanied by rebellion when faced with dogmas and the shortcomings our society has to offer, and faced with human stupidity, all led Guillaume away from photography and towards his creative inception; driven by his passion for matter, light and for Truth and universality. He had to go beyond what photography could allow him to bring to light, beyond appearances and the ephemeral.

He was immediately taken by synthetic resin, like an obvious choice. Malleable, it is churned all the while leaving room for the imponderable and happenstance and above all…it offers an imperfect, irregular and varying transparency, whose many possibilities are probed and explored by light; depending on the angle, the prism, the strength and the color…similar to photojournalism, but without imposing and freeze framing the truth, and from which arises an endless voyage of truth : That of matter. After some experimenting and testing the different possibilities offered by this material and how it would interact with light, the first artworks came to be. He was also immediately taken by the « subject matter » : to reveal the core of matter and, in particular, the « human matter », whether it be humans themselves or what humans yield, starting with our society. And, consequently, looking beyond it all. 


Artworks made of resin, declined in two series, his “tablets” and his “masks” are the outcome, both by-products of the coronavirus sanitary crisis.

The « Tablets » are like pages of a diary, kept day by day, containing intimate messages and passages taken from news feeds and social networks. Extracts of news and of emotions, relating to this historic crisis, inserted in resin like cemented imprints, as a testimony to History. Yet, the light that filters through these tablets not only erases the words, but more  particularly, with the attained transparency and projection, it creates a second infinite and changing entity, depending on the angle of the light. It carries us and takes us on a journey into another dimension…ghostly, cosmic, spiritual ? The artist lets you be the judge and invites you to explore this dimension while playing with this unveiling light. 

Then, the « Masks »…same resin imprint process, but, this time, of his own face. The artist creates these unique pieces; an instant, a freeze-frame of truth, an emotion seized. Each cast gives rise to a distinctive mask, itself adorned by another mask, a surgical one. The latter has become emblematic of the coronavirus crisis, in all its aspects: mask of the sanitary crisis, but also the political crisis due to its shortage, and the environmental crisis which is emerging. The mask having the dual purpose of protecting and concealing, the artist, hence, creates a dichotomy of truth, the truth he puts into question. Here again, light, by virtue of transparency and projection, sublimates matter and offers a vision that goes beyond appearances. 


The culmination of this series, the « Politicchio », in reference to the universal childhood character whose nose was lengthened, intended to be given as a gift to the President of France, Mr Macron. 


Between prism and reflection, between transparency and projection, light enlightens us, on matter and its truth. Through exploration, it leads us to questioning. And the experience encountered through his artworks, they lead us to a universe that reveals itself to us. Nevertheless, beyond the meaning, message and questioning, the aestheticism of Guillaume Collet’s artworks cannot be ignored seeing as they radiate in light and beauty. That universal Beauty we feel in the same manner when observing stars, planets, the galaxy. Whether you are receptive or not to the message and questioning brought about by Art or an artwork, you will not be indifferent to the Beauty of the sensorial experience sparked by Guillaume’s artworks.



To discover and explore ? Certainly ! To be followed ? Undoubtedly ! Art Traffik is once again pleased and honored to present a new Artist (notice the capital A) who is very promising and is sure to rise, very high!