Victorine Follana
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70 y.o.
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Victorine Follana
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Painting is a language, words fly away when color speaks. Mine has the tones of a child's dream that became adult too quickly, spontaneous then thoughtful, with a slightly disquieting cheerfulness. disquieting cheerfulness.

Victorine Follana

Introducing Victorine Follana

I like to paint vividly written figures; families of all kinds, clothed or nude women, mothers, lovers, housewives, provocative or shy. The characters in these paintings, written in a more or less precise manner, sometimes look a little zany, unexpected, they probably exist somewhere....They are staged scenes with their own narrative, and everyone appropriates them according to their mood. They serve as relays and give rise to all sorts of interpretations.

This little world takes us into a dense, colorful universe where shapes intermingle to offer us images of powerful poetry, born of a subconscious that is always in turmoil.

To achieve this, I use all kinds of techniques, mainly oils, acrylics, oil pastels and pencils, whose sharp lines I love.

These scenes of life have no constraints of plastic reality, as I prefer expressiveness to reality.

Nothing is left to chance, even if it seems spontaneous at first glance, but everything is the object of meticulous work that disappears in favor of emotion.

It's true that I dare to marry daring tones; sometimes hot, sometimes cold, so that they enhance each other, color is an extraordinary means of expression for provoking emotion.

For some works, after long periods of maturing in the secrecy of the studio, balance and plenitude are the signs of completion, but for others, the expressiveness of the moment can become a miracle.

My "subjects" are banal; what I'm looking for is for the subject to become PAINTING, with all the plastic elements available to best express all the serious or light poetry of the world: " The mysterious and the terrible ", as the great German poet Rainer Maria Rilke so aptly put it.

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