Pascal Milcendeau
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Age :
61 y.o.
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Pascal Milcendeau
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A painter's world is like a photographer's: depending on the zoom used, the level of detail desired, the subject targeted, he creates albums to tell a single story...

Pascal Milcendeau

Introducing Pascal Milcendeau

In a highly recognizable style, with voluptuous shapes, sinuous lines

sinuous lines and vibrant colors, Pascal Milcendeau's works reflect

reflect worlds of beautiful architecture and joyful lifestyles. Despite this

this palpable joie de vivre, Milcendeau is quick to denounce the

the standardization of our society.

Morocco and its Souks, Brazil and its street scenes, Zanzibar and its multicolored foreshore

and its multicolored foreshore, Senegal and its fish auctions, Sri Lanka, Panama, (etc...)

are the themes of his instantaneous work: his photographs, often taken while

often while "keifing" on a café terrace, a perfect observatory, are then reworked

in the solitude of the studio, amid the maritime pines of his Vendée coast, known as the

"Côte de Lumière", itself sometimes a source of inspiration... Working on canvas

becomes an inner journey, a reflection on life; there's nothing like curiosity and

curiosity and differences to find one's own path in one's native land.

"My acrylic painting is a blend of a need for light and winter journeys

to warmer, more colorful lands; it reveals the other world,

which is not our everyday life, but which we all need to move forward

our inner journey.

I hope to take you on a journey with me..."

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