Eric Doisy
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Age :
58 y.o.
Residing :
Eric Doisy
Painting, Mixed technique, Collage
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290 € to 2 400 €
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My art is spontaneous, painterly, free and expressive...

Eric Doisy

Introducing Eric Doisy

Trained as an interior decorator, I am a self-taught artist who has always loved art and design. Since 2018, I've been devoting myself full-time to my art, exploring and experimenting with numerous media and techniques. Inspired by the vintage and street art worlds, I combine classic media and techniques specific to street art such as spray cans, stencils, acrylic paint and collages.

With a strong focus on the female subject, I try to capture a movement, a look. I try to create dynamic works on different supports, all of which could be likened to walls. On each of my works there's a little head - it's my signature.

Recently, my art has been evolving towards cubism, neo-figurative and naive/raw art, giving me unrestricted artistic freedom. These new creations are an evolution towards pictorial spontaneity, color and line... My current art is something free and expressive, like art brut / naive art, for its authentic, limitless plastic freedom.

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