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49 y.o.
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Painting, Paper art
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At the beginning, the mind is as blank as the canvas. Then the hands begin their dance; the heart chooses its colours, the emotions their expression


Introducing DELPHINE3737

As an abstract expressionist painter with 20 years of experience, my work is deeply rooted in my spiritual and cultural influences.

I was first inspired by the gestural and philosophical approach of French Abstract Lyrical painter Georges Mathieu, I fell in love with his work and dropped my former journalistic career to devote myself to painting.

I quickly started to explored my own ways, infused by my practice of Buddhist meditation and shamanic explorations.

My love for Chinese and Japanese calligraphy often shines through my art, as well as the 15 years I have lived in Singapore, as it has deepened my love and respect for Asian traditional cultures.

My process is driven by intuition and emotion, allowing the canvas to guide me as I use vibrant hues to create dynamic and energetic compositions.

I do not let a specific concept cloud my mind before I begin painting, instead I allow the process of painting itself to guide the final outcome, embracing the unpredictability and freedom of the abstract form.

This painting process is very organic and grounded, with a focus on creating a fast and intuitive flow of energy and emotion through the use of acrylic paint, painting knives, and foam rollers. I strive to capture the essence of the very moment, creating bold, spontaneous and expressive pieces that channel specific energies.

The fusion of my spiritual practice, cultural influences, and energetic painting style results in abstract works that seem to evoke phantasmagoric landscapes, dream visions and fantastic "soul-scapes", capturing the soul as much as the eye of the viewer.