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69 y.o.
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Sculpture, Painting, Drawing
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Introducing NDEFER

I was born in the North of France, to a ceramist and musician father and a musician mother. As a child, I dreamed of studying "les Beaux Arts". But my parents advised me (as their own parents had done) to opt for job security. So I became a psychiatric nurse, like my father and grandfather. At the same time, I drew and learned to work the land with my father.

In 1984, I moved to the south of France, to La Provence.

I diligently attended watercolor workshops, then drawing workshops with live models, and it was a revelation:

"I'll work with the body!

This was followed by courses in contemporary painting, drawing and engraving, as well as university courses in art history and the plastic arts. I attended the Beaux Arts in Toulon, and took part in numerous group exhibitions where I won many prizes. My references are numerous: Toulouse Lautrec, Egon Schiele, Giacometti, Kippenberger, Arickx, Franta among others... all famous artists!

In 2010, freed from certain family constraints (my children are grown up), I decided to quit my job as a nurse to devote myself to painting.

And so, as a professional artist, the adventure begins! I take part in numerous contemporary art fairs (Marseille, Paris, Mulhouse, Toulouse, Clermont-Ferrand, Nice, Cannes, Nîmes, Montpellier, Aix en Provence, Valbonne, Metz, Brussels....). I exhibit my bodies there, in fragments or whole, from live models; my models are my accomplices.

I also exhibit in galleries, both physical and virtual.

My technique is evolving, and I'm looking for a rich, well-constructed and powerful painting, where graphics, matter and colors come together for one subject: the living!

The support: Canvas or paper, but in large format, which allows for physical engagement through gesture.

Graphics: to start with, but also to finish with.

Colors: My palette is original, daring and personal, like a sort of signature. It's a risk I take, because I believe that this chromatic challenge contributes to the strength of my work.

Matter: impasto, drips and projections, creating overflow, spontaneity and the unexpected. I give painting a certain autonomy. I like to use different media on the same canvas (acrylic, oil, chalk, charcoal, ink, collage ....).

Finally, the subject: the body in large part, of course, but I prefer to say "the living" because I like to give life to what I create. This is probably where the "impulsive" dimension of my paintings lies.

As for my sculptures, they follow the same approach, combining different materials, noble ones such as glazed and fired clay using the RAKU technique, with salvaged materials such as iron, aluminium, fabrics, plastics... and always lots of color!

What are you looking for, Nadine?

To enjoy myself, to have fun, the challenge, the joy of creating, essential to my life, in a place I love, my studio, my cocoon.

Semantics take a back seat, as my approach is essentially plastic.

I'm looking for originality, and if my work is powerful enough to move you and attract your attention, I'LL BE ENJOYED!

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