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62 y.o.
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Curated by AT
Artist’s prices ranging from
400 € to 2 600 €
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Feel the line, Listen to the material, Vibrate with the movement. An interlude of power and poetry through a nomadic soul.


Introducing HAN

A hymn to matter

The very essence of textures, with movement and power at their core. A whole world of energy, candor and emotion.

A workshop on the Vendée coast to share a small part of an artist's universe. Originally from the Saint Gilles Croix de Vie region, I've been painting professionally for 25 years, but painting didn't come first as a career plan, but rather as a second skin.

Different techniques are explored, and I use those that most subtly reveal the intensity of colors and the effects of materials (textured coating, different washed, crumpled and painted papers, ink, pigments, oxidation).

I start from what I see and perceive, just long enough to memorize images and then transform them, giving them another dimension, between figuration and abstraction, between transparency, mattness and brilliance.

Feeling remains an open window on the imaginary,

It's the heartstrings of all emotions.

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