Mathilde De Bellecombe
Nationality :
Age :
48 y.o.
Residing :
Mathilde De Bellecombe
Painting, Collage
Curated by AT
Artist’s prices ranging from
375 € to 2 500 €
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There's the destination, but there's also the route.

Mathilde De Bellecombe

Introducing Mathilde De Bellecombe

After a childhood in the south of France and a degree in Interior Architecture and Design from the Camondo School (Paris), Mathilde de Bellecombe took up painting. Inspired by light and color, the artist pursued her work in Argentina, Iran, Casablanca (Morocco) and now Aix-en-Provence (France). Imbued by all these different cultures, Mathilde de Bellecombe transcribes her emotions and impressions into vivid, colorful canvases, playing between the abstract and the figurative.

Focusing on the possible paths open to us, she asks "Where I am, where I'm going", "Where I am, where I'm going". It's also a work about the quest for happiness, life, daily life and hopes.

The omnipresence of white, worked as a color in its own right, structures the space and guides us towards a small door, that of our inner world.

A graduate in Interior Architecture and Design from the CAMONDO School, she completed her training in various workshops. Atelier du soleil (1988 - 1990), Atelier de Dominique BAUMONT (1990 - 1996), Atelier de SEVRES (1996 - 1997), Atelier de Marcela BAUBEAU de SECONDIGNE (2004 - 2008), Atelier Pièce Unique.

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