Marianne Quinzin
Nationality :
Age :
62 y.o.
Residing :
Marianne Quinzin
Painting, Mixed technique
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1 100 € to 2 800 €
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"Telling stories with color as a language."

Marianne Quinzin

Introducing Marianne Quinzin

Turning towards abstraction, Marianne Quinzin's work evokes nature and its elements. Flowers, landscapes, skies, water, mountains and rocks nourish her inspiration.

Driven by color and experimentation, each canvas invites her to a new adventure. The artist creates imaginary spaces imbued with memories and emotions, in a dialogue between will and chance, intention and accident, bias and use of the unexpected.

Her artistic affinities are multiple and eclectic. She admires Turner's light, De Staël's powerful color vibrations and rigorous compositions, Joan Mitchell's explosive freedom, and the technical mastery and breadth of Gerhard Richter's work, both figurative and abstract. She is particularly inspired by the work of Zao Wou-Ki, for his search for light, and his play on transparency and opacity. The artistic movements that influence her painting are mainly abstract expressionism and lyrical abstraction.

An I.CAC-rated professional painter and graduate of the Arts Décoratifs and the École Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Lyon, she has devoted herself entirely to painting for the past twenty years. Today, she lives and works in Rouen. Her work can be found in numerous private collections in France and around the world.

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