Eleanor Gabriel
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Age :
58 y.o.
Residing :
Eleanor Gabriel
Sculpture, Painting, Mixed technique
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Artist’s prices ranging from
520 € to 1 400 €
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"The artist is not a gentle dreamer who paints and depicts imaginary spaces that are purely virtual. Every day he creates new universes filled with emotion and dreams that build our future."

Eleanor Gabriel

Introducing Eleanor Gabriel

A little French girl raised in Niger and Mauritius, a citizen of the world, I grew up between a mathematician father and a literary mother, both cooperating teachers. Nourished by a thousand human and geographical experiences, this has given me offbeat, often unusual points of view, imbued with spiritual philosophy, poetry and a love of life and the mysteries of nature.

Feet on the ground but head in the stars could well describe me, who after a scientific BAC chose to train as a lawyer and took on the mantle of global risk insurer... Until, at the end of 2017, I stopped playing games and threw myself into the adventure of becoming a full-time artist, painter and sculptor/modeleuse, digital animation graphic designer and writer, one of my dearest childhood dreams...

Today, my world is populated by creatures as touching as they are zany or chimerical, whether painted in acrylics or born of natural raw materials such as dried gourd wood, tinderbox wood, roots, vines, feathers and giant seeds.

And since life is first and foremost a game whose rules wethe rules, I have fun creating new universes organized by series, poetic, zany and committed, like the CalbinoOz series, sculptures made from gourd wood, the PluminoOz series, feather-based paintings, the SakinoOz series, made from destructured faux-leather handbags transformed into scaly beasts, as opposed to the scaly beasts transformed into handbags, Ostréïdes, metamorphic beings taking refuge in wild terrestrial woods in an attempt to survive, expressing the complexity of life in its search for the most appropriate form for survival, as well as the wisdom of the mind applied to the transformation of matter...

All the beings I create are clothed in soul and have their own personal legend. Their purpose is to sensitize humanity to the need to respect all living beings, nature and its incredible biodiversity.

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