Annabelle Amory
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Age :
35 y.o.
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Annabelle Amory
Mixed technique, Collage, Painting
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70 € to 1 350 €
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Art allowed me to express my anti-conformism

Annabelle Amory

Introducing Annabelle Amory

Born in 1988 in the Oise region of France, Annabelle has been drawing, painting and writing books since childhood. No one in the family is involved in the arts, music or sport. What mattered most in this environment was university studies, so as to have a "real" job at the end.

So Annabelle obeyed and climbed the ladder: bachelor's degree in art history and archaeology in Amiens, Master's degree in Sciences of Antiquity in Lille, then, finally, the last stage: a doctorate in Greek archaeology, which she obtained in 2017. During her research, however, she never stopped painting and exhibiting whenever she had the chance. As soon as she finished defending her thesis, she warned her jury: no, she wouldn't be going into research, but would be pursuing a career in art.

The difficult issues of identity, duality and inner conflict are at the heart of Annabelle's reflections. Whether it's the injunction imposed on women (regarding their physique, their activities or their social status) or personal evolution in our society (where the norm is still the only model and where difference is stifled), the question is the same: how can we make our deepest convictions coincide with the world around us? How can we assert our identity without feeling judged? Can we remain ourselves, can we blossom, knowing that we are constantly influenced by society, the gaze of others, social networks, money and success?

An eco-feminist and non-conformist, Annabelle draws on her personal history to explore these two-speed anxieties, torn between her deeply-held convictions and the current norm. She then analyzes her own life path and delivers an almost autobiographical gallery on canvas: although none of the characters really resembles her, they all evoke her anxieties, conflicts, people she has rubbed shoulders with and different moments in her life.

Annabelle tears, cuts and glues book pages and playing cards to canvas, then covers them with acrylic paint. The organic skin of the women she depicts gives way to images and colors that convey what they feel and who they are. The viewer can enter their minds, share their thoughts and feelings, all those abstract notions that are usually neither visible nor palpable. It's as if their emotions are transposed onto their faces. The painting is no longer looked at, but read, and the characters inscribed on the book pages become a filling motif in their own right.

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