Yuli Saputra
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Age :
23 y.o.
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Yuli Saputra
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700 € to 8 000 €
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The dramatic ocean atmosphere has become my inspiration to create an abstract ocean of expressionism

Yuli Saputra

Introducing Yuli Saputra

Hello, my name is Yuli Saputra. born in Tanah Laut on July 23, 2000 and I am an Indonesian painting artist. From a young age, I have shown strong artistic talent. I am very inspired by the beauty of nature, especially the colors found in places like the beach, the ocean, and the details of the waves. In each work created, I strive to reflect this beauty onto the canvas. My preferred painting styles are realism and expressionism, and I often use canvas and acrylic paint in the process. In addition to painting, I am also honing my skills in creating digital works and sculptures. I believe that art is a universal language that allows us to communicate through visual elements, and through art, I can share my view of the imagined world with others. Each piece I own is a personal statement that reflects a part of me.