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"When we ask an artist for a certain coherence, a continuity in his production, we enclose the person in a framework that can only restrict, reduce, paralyze his creativity" Luc Ferry


Introducing Sylvie JULKOWSKI-EGARD

I studied oil painting in DERIC's studio at the Douai Art School from 2006 to 2009. I've been working as a professional painter since 2010. I work on several themes: in the "MES PETITES NANAS" series, I draw inspiration from situations I observe in society or in my environment, and interpret them in my own way (Circe 2.0 transposed to our times, as her story is universal; Te Video (I see you in Latin) about our ultra-connected society, surveillance cameras, telephones, etc.). I work in collaboration with my daughter, who serves as a model for the scenes I use to support my work. I sometimes use a few symbols to help me read my work. " REFLEXIONS SUR LE TEMPS QUI PASSE" (REFLECTIONS ON THE PAST TIME): I have chosen to paint transport vehicles in the manner of the Vanités of yesteryear, i.e. representing the wear and tear of time, rust, holes and decay. I favor a particular framing, bringing the object out of the confines of the painting to make it more imposing. Like us, these vehicles are just passing through, the race of time being inescapable. " PORTRAITS : in portraits, I've always endeavored to render the model's expression faithfully and to portray him or her with a certain realism. Appreciating contrasts, I make clothes more energetic. So I've worked a lot with liquid paint, making drips and sprays, and now I use stencils or make prints. I also have a passion for military subjects, with a recent commission from the town of Douai for the 41st Regiment de Transmissions (1 meter x 3 meters). " URBAN LANDSCAPES": This series is inspired by my many visits to Paris. I capture fleeting moments, preferably in summer, when colors are saturated and contrasts sustained. I paint the lightness and carefreeness that are so sorely lacking in today's world, provoking little "accidents" to make the scene more vibrant and less static. I use bright colors and all kinds of tools according to my favorite technique.

As for my exhibitions, I'm a member of the Artistes Français in Paris (silver medal) and I exhibit every year at the Grand Palais in Art Capital, I also exhibit at the Salon d'Automne in Paris, at the Biennale de VITTEL, in LUNEVILLE, VERSAILLES , in POMPONNE, at the Invalides with the Peintres de l'Armée, etc...


- Prix I-CAC, 2nd Salon d'Art International de Pomponne, April 2024.

- Eclat de Verre Prize, 6th Versailles Biennial, April 2024.

- Grand Prix du Val de Viosne, OSNY, March 2024.

- Fernand Bivel Prize, Salon des Artistes Français, Art Capital, February 2024.

- Audience prize: Majestic Gallery international art exhibition, Montsûrs, January 2024.

- Grand Prix de Peinture at the 56th Salon J. Boitiat de BARBIZON, October 2022.

- Silver medal at the Salon des Artistes Français, February 2022.

- Silver medal at the 36th Salon International de VITTEL, July 2021.

- Bronze medal at the Salon des Artistes Français, February 2020.

- 1st prize in oil painting at the 25th Salon International Arts et Peintures de Bourges, March 2018.

- Prix de la ville de Grasse, November 2016.

- Prize in the "scenes de vie" category at the Salon International du Val d'Or in Meillant, September 2016.

- Gold medal from the Académie des Sciences, lettres et Arts d'Arras, 2014.

I was published in 2021 in "Artistes" magazine and in 2023 in "Plaisirs de Peindre".

I am represented by Galerie Zee-Art in Strasbourg and Galerie Oliai in Barbizon.

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