Nadine Hardy
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Nadine Hardy
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"The artist paints and the viewer creates".

Nadine Hardy

Introducing Nadine Hardy

A childhood cradled by the light of my family's vineyards, wide-open spaces, colors, shadows and the shapes created by relief. Nourished by my travels, challenged by architectural constructions and exposed to contemporary creation, I became aware very early on of my interest in light, which would become the keystone of my work. With a degree in History and Humanities, I have lived in France and the United States, and for the past 10 years I have been living in the South-West of France. I have devoted myself fully to painting for over 30 years.

My choice of abstraction allows me to place the viewer at the center of my approach, so that their perception becomes their interpretation, rather than locking them into my own understanding of the world. The viewer's freedom of perception is the DNA of my artistic work. I use color for its reflection and light-catching effect. It allows me to play with signs or symbols (what we know) and with emotions (what we feel).

It's a link and a reference point between what I see and what I feel through my history, my cultural roots, my travels and my present environment. I mobilize my own imagination and that of the observer. My approach can be summed up as follows: the artist paints and the viewer creates. The incessant passage between the technical and the unspoken results in a contraction of reality or an intellectual and artistic connection. The latter offers me a place in the world, past and present, a balance, but also a distance and an awareness of my own history.

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